Our Staff


Connie Holliday

Connie Holliday and her husband Dean live in DeKalb. Connie has served as the organist/pianist here at First Baptist for over 25 years. Her commitment and dedication have always been evident in her willingness to serve the Lord. She has served in several other capacities in the church and is thankful to God and the people in the church for privilege of serving. 


Rosalie Williams

Rosalie Williams and her husband Wade live in Dekalb with their two daughters, Erica and Rachel. Rosalie currently serves as our Chancel Choir director. As she serves in this capacity, she prays that each song prepared touches the lives of all who hear. She is also thankful for each individual who is dedicated to serving the Lord through this ministry. 


Rick Martha

Rick Martha and his wife Ruth have two children, Jeff and Karen. Rick is a retired mailman and now serves as our custodian. He has attended First Baptist his entire life with family history in the church going back with the Martha and Mosher families. He has also served in the following capacitites: Sunday School Teacher, Radio Producer/Host, Historian, Softball Manager, Trustee, and Sound Technician.